Diaper Rash. Ouch for The Little Bottoms!


No mom likes to see that painful-looking rash on her baby’s behind. When diaper rash pops up, it’s natural to search
like crazy for a solution that will clear it up quick. There are loads of diaper rash ointments and creams on the market, but unfortunately, many contain not-so-pure ingredients.

Diaper rash often occurs when baby’s bottom is exposed to stool and urine for too long, causing irritation. Most diaper rash ointments try to address this with the approach of putting a non breathable petroleum or zinc oxide based barrier between skin and diaper, to keep moisture off the skin and prevent a rash.

That might not sound so bad, but the problem with these ointments is that they do nothing to help the skin heal and actually clog the pores.

Added to the fact that many brands of diaper rash cream contain petroleum, fragrances, parabens and other harmful substances that are linked to health issues like allergies, immunotoxicity, and organ toxicity, these products are best avoided.

So, what’s a mom to do? Fortunately, there is a healthy, nontoxic, solution!

At ibody science, our philosophy is that healthy skin heals itself. Instead of fighting against your baby’s already-perfect skin, skin solution works with it – providing nourishment by replenishing the skin’s natural oils with healthy vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are going to protect, nourish, heal and soothe the skin.

Best of all, skin solution contains only natural, botanical oils that deeply nourish to promote healthy skin and soothes any already-present issues on contact. skin solution contains naturally occurring anti-bacterial, anti-fungal oils loaded with antioxidant properties that help protect and defend against bacterial and fungal rashes.

skin solution creates a breathable moisture barrier on baby’s skin, all while adding nutrients and moisture back into the skin. This superior protection promotes healthy skin while protecting your little one from painful rashes. No pore-clogging, toxic mess – no drying, harsh ingredients. Period.

We don’t just treat symptoms – we get down to the root and promote healthy skin from the very beginning, giving skin what it needs to do what it’s meant to do – heal itself + protect from infection.

…especially brand-new baby skin.

You don’t have to resort to products with harmful ingredients to get – and keep – your little one’s skin back to baby soft!