Getting a Smooth Shave with Acne

Is it possible to get a smooth shave with acne?

YES! Getting a smooth, pain-free shave with acne isn’t complicated…

It just seems that way because a lot of the information out there is WRONG!

There are 3 things acne-prone men need to know about getting a smooth shave:

  1. Shaving OFTEN minimizes irritation, as the shorter hair minimizes razor drag.
  2. Applying a pre-shave oil can eliminate irritation.
  3. Using a clean, sharp razor is key.

Applying a pre-shave oil before shaving will soften the hair, assisting with razor glide and offer more protection.

It’s easy: Apply oil to damp skin. You only need 8-10 drops for your full beard. Massage the oil into the beard, going against the grain very gently.

skin solution works in several ways to get you smooth, healthy skin - even if you have to shave with acne.

  • acne-fighting ingredients like neem and lavender
  • moisturizing botanical oils like avocodo
  • helps heal existing blemishes and irritation
  • no harsh, irritating ingredients
  • no need for multiple products like aftershave and shaving cream

One product really can do it all. Don’t take our word for it – watch this video:



Darin, like so many men with sensitive skin, had problems with razor burn bumps after shaving. He would use a pre-shave product, a shave cream and an after shave product – and still would have razor burn bumps after shaving.  We challenged him to give skin solution a try – as a single product experience!  Yep – that’s right – use it as the pre-shave, shave and post shave all in one. It took us weeks to get him to go for it. As you can see, he’s happy he did.


 “A friend suggested skin solution. I put it on my very red, very inflamed skin and felt no burning or itching. Almost instantly, my skin was less red, the dry patches were beginning to heal and my skin was actually soft again!” Read more reviews…


You’re obviously not happy with the products you currently use or you wouldn’t be looking here. The solution is simple:  replace the junk with ONE product that gets you a smooth shave and prevents blemishes!


Dude – you’ve got better things to worry about than how to get a smooth shave. Start using skin solution for a clean shave and you can move on to what really matters – for good. Do it now!


The Ultimate Shave Kit comes with everything you need for a smooth shave + healthy skin:


  • 1 oz skin solution – the best all in one skin care for men
  • Schick Xtreme3 razor for sensitive skin – for a smooth shave WITHOUT irritation
  • Our bonus book – Tips + Insights to Getting A Smooth Shave without Razor Burn or Breakouts

Seriously – you’re still reading? Grab your kit today – and start shaving your way to smooth, healthy skin.

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1oz bottle skin solution
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