Stop Razor Burn!

Stop razor burn with shaving oil!

The best way to stop razor burn bumps and rash for dry sensitive skin when shaving is with a natural shaving oil.

skin solution® shaving oil has helped men with lifelong dry sensitive skin after shaving get a smoother, softer, irritation-free face and throat – hassle free.

Guys are talking!:

“I’ve suffered from razor burn, particularly on my neck, my whole life. The only way I could shave previously was to use a number of over-priced products and a pretty time-consuming routine. I tried skin solution® , as my pre-shave lotion, my shave cream, and post-shave moisturizer. Yes – I used the same product for all 3 uses. And it worked great. No razor burn, no discomfort, and my skin feels great. ”

a comfortable shave has never been easier.

1 step gets the job done: apply skin solution® to damp skin + shave. That’s it!

Really, truly – that is all you need to do. For those that have dry sensitive skin and had to use a pre-shave product, then expensive shave cream, then a moisturizing after shave product – we offer you freedom!

You really can get a smooth shave and stop razor burn bumps and rash by using only skin solution shave oil.

If you do have severely dry sensitive skin simply apply a bit more skin solution when you are done. It soothes inflamed skin on contact! It also moisturizes and keeps your skin clear and fresh!

no more razor burn rash or bumps!

no more dry, itchy, flaky skin!

no more lengthy, PITA morning routine or multiple products!

Only smooth, soft happy skin with skin solution!

The simple way to awesome skin.


1oz skin solution ultimate shave kit
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skin solution

1oz bottle skin solution
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