Customer Testimonials


“I have been using the ibody science® skin solution™ personally and on behalf of my patients since December 2008. I am very pleased to recommend the product to fellow health professionals for the renewal of at-risk skin. Personally it has helped heal and prevent cracked cuticles on my hands. It has almost immediate pain relieving features and keeps the skin on my hands healthy. This is particularly helpful due to the frequent hand washing needed as a medical professional. My patients have benefited from healthier skin in areas of high abrasion or soiling (diaper rash). I believe the prevention of skin breakdown depends on healthy skin. Your product has promoted healthier skin for my patients.” – Dr. John Mielke Medical Director, Minneapolis, MN



“I saw your product at the 2012 Green Expo at theFairgrounds in St. Paul. After that, I ordered online from your site. I had initially used the ibody science Skin Solution on my toenail fungus; I figured that at the very least it would moisturize a dry area. Then when that was checked at a doctor’s appointment some months later, I was told that there was no more nail fungus present. After 10 years that was a wonderful thing to hear, having tried a topical prescription medication at different times. I could only ascribe the change to your ibody science product. Thanks! I am a believer.” – Ellen G. St Paul, MN


“It smells great!  I used the skin serum on my face and neck for 3 days, I noticed after two applications a much smoother surface on my face and I am even tempted to say I have a glow!  While the product doesn’t advertise sun protection, the antioxidants provide environmental protection; sun, wind etc. Moving forward, no more box shelf lotions for me, ibody science skin solution is the answer!” - Charlotte G.,  Nassau, The Bahamas

“After being burned over 20% of my body in a gasoline fire I used the skin solution on one arm and not the other … look, you can the difference for yourself.” – Raphael, Minneapolis, MN


“I have just completed 28 radiation treatments, my final cancer treatment post-mastectomy. A friend suggested that I try the skin solution™ product, and sent a bottle to me. I could see results within 2 weeks. Not only was the burning sensation eliminated, but the itching was significantly reduced. Now, 2 weeks post-radiation, my skin looks amazing and has completely healed. I attribute the even skin tone and superb healing directly to ibodyscience skin solution. What a great product for breast cancer patients!! Thank you!!” - Theresa Z., Sandpoint, Idaho




(Tom seriously burned his hand one day while making coffee when the coffee pot broke. After getting over the shock of his painful burn he decided to use skin solution as the primary burn treatment. He used skin solution directly on his hand, several times a day for several weeks until he eventually tapered down to once a week. The results have been amazing.) “I like the natural, healing approach of skin solution. It not only relieved the pain and itching, it brought my skin back to its normal condition. It’s an extremely solid product.” - Tom J., Minneapolis, MN



 “I have been using your skin solution on my hands and am so happy with the results! I fell in love with ibody even more when I suffered minor burns on my hands at a summer barbeque. I treated the burns with the skin solution and could not believe how fast they healed!! And the best part – no scarring! Thank you!”- Robin M., Terrytown, NY


“I used it for about a week or two in healing my stitches, and it worked.” – Ben, Minneapolis, MN


“All I can say is WOW!   My daughter was in a terrible four-wheeler accident.  She has ‘road rash’ on her arms, legs, hip, and shoulder.  We have been using skin solution and her skin healing is so amazingly well.  Last night we cleaned everything and I took the oil and went over all her wounds.  We thought she had all kinds of tar embedded in her body and when I took the oil everything started to come off.  She looks like a totally different person.  Last night was the first night she could sleep without bandages on.” - Dodi R., A grateful Mom from Minneapolis, MN



“I was introduced to skin solution thru the Breast Cancer Awareness group and I have to tell you that it is GREAT! It softened the scar left by my lumpectomy; and this was 4 years after my surgery! I used the towelettes and, let me tell you … I can get 2 weeks out of one towelette! The product lasts THAT LONG. Of course I am cheap too. skin solution worked so good and I did NOT want it to run out! skin solution did not disappoint.” - Joanne K., Minneapolis, MN


skin solution is a fabulous healing product. Many of us have used it to heal stubborn wounds and it’s a miracle, even on delicate post-surgery skin. It’s a great product and used by many in their post surgery healing process.” - Gretchen P., Wayzata, MN



“My Mother had a very unpleasant red, swollen patch of skin under her breasts: they had been rubbing against her skin. She then perspires and the skin becomes inflamed. Believing the inflammation to be in the ringworm/fungal family, I gave her my bottle of skin solution and after just 24 hours the redness had changed color quite drastically to a pale pink, the swelling has reduced and it is less inflamed and itchy. Absolutely incredible, it really does work!” – Jane G., United Kingdom


“I learned about skin solution from the doctor I was working with. It is safe enough to use on my baby for his dry skin. We have a cat as well and it really helps the (cat) scratches to heal faster, especially the deep ones.” – Stefanie, Minneapolis, MN


“I had a spot under my eye looked at by my physician. She said it was a Actinic Keratosis and that we could just remove it in the clinic office. After its removal the area never healed like it should have. I tried many different products and finally tried yours. Within a day the area stopped looking so inflamed and red and within a week it started to heal and disappear. By week 2 it was totally gone. I have now started putting it on other areas that my physician had asked me to watch and they are starting to look healthier. I love your product!” – Diane E., Minneapolis, MN



“I’ve been struggling with chronic hives and dry, scaly patches on my face. I saw dermatologists and an allergist, trying to get this under control. Everything I was given to treat it burned my skin and seemed to irritate it more. A friend suggested skin solution. I put it on my very red, very inflamed skin and felt no burning or itching. Almost instantly, my skin was less red, the dry patches were beginning to heal and my skin was actually soft again! My skin was desperate for hydration and this delivered it immediately. I use it in the morning and at night. The scaly skin is now gone, I can wear makeup and I finally feel like I can show my face and be me!” - Mela K., Shakopee, MN



“skin solution is soooo amazing! I not only have pictures of my before and after from my (reconstruction) scars, but also use it every day on my face.”-D. J., Breast Cancer Survivor, Minneapolis, MN



“At age 11 my oldest son had spinal surgery. What remains is a 14″ long by 1⁄4 to 1⁄2 ” wide scar that starts at the base of his skull and runs down the spine to his shoulder blades. The incision “healed” in such a way as hard bubbles/ridges formed along the entire length of the bright pink scar and on the scar tissue itself, with similar hard dots on the skin where the sutures were placed. A year after the surgery, we tried skin solution on the scar. About 8 weeks later, the results were amazing! I also use skinsolution because it works wonders on my hands and feet.”- Sandy, Elk River, MN

“I used to use Neosporin and my daughter would break out in a rash. Now I use Skin Solution on her and she heals wonderfully and doesn’t break out in a rash anymore. ” Jenni, Blaine, MN