The Smartest Skin Care Product On The Planet!

Truly Toxin free, Safe & Effective Since 2008

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ibody science® skin solution® passionately formulated for wholesome, healthy beautiful skin.  

100% nourishing botanicals from around the world intended to support your skin’s efforts in healing itself, maintaining a natural breathable moisture barrier and a healthy appearance.

skin solution® has the best Non-Toxic Rating from EWG!
Voted Best Natural Multi-Use Product by Pretty Green SkinCare!

Enormously Popular With Men + Women!

The dirty little secret the skin care industry does not want you to know is that all skin is bio-chemically the same. That’s why our “product line” is one fabulous superior product. It is passionately formulated to provide serious nutrition to help your skin be it’s beautiful, strong, wholesome healthiest best!

Once you get the beauty of using a truly natural, safe effective plant-based product you too will be just as passionate as we are about all the benefits a few drops of skin solution can have on your skin. And that, friends, is what makes you a very smart consumer. You get it! One product – many uses – for the whole family!

Superfood For Your Skin.

It’s hardly a secret that plant foods nourish your body. Our trade-secret blend of these botanical oils do the same for your skin without any harsh toxic chemicals of any kind.

We know that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. So many of the ingredients in todays skin care products have potential toxins that can wreak havoc on your immune system and crush all your healthy intentions. That’s why you’ll never find any potentially damaging petrochemicals, estrogen-mimicking ingredients, fragrances or chemical preservatives in our products.

Environmental Protection

Every day of your life, environmental toxins enter your body  through the skin by way of pollution, grime, and dust.  skin solution forms a protective barrier on the surface to keep environmental damage at bay.

Our most outspoken customers are those who have suffered with life threatening diseases such as breast cancer, fibromyalgia and fertility issues. The are the ones who have done their homework on the causes and effects of the toxic chemicals that have been used in skin care products for decades. It’s our honor to have the support of these wellness warriors.

When you use skin solution® you can rest assured that your skin is getting a healthy dose of plant based nutrition intended to strengthen and protect from environmental toxins. We encourage you to be as passionate as we are and read the labels of every product you use on your body.

Daily Multi-use Skincare

Because skin solution® is 100% plant based oils a little goes a long way! Think of it this way: most lotions and creams contain 2 – 7% functional ingredients plus a lot of water. skin solution® is 100% functional ingredients. That’s a BIG difference! Yep—a few drops goes a long way!

Once you start using skin solution® you will find that it really can handle most of your daily skin care needs. Bonus—eliminate your need for multiple products!

Safe for the entire family!

  • Cracked cuticles
  • Damage from chlorine pools
  • Dry sensitive skin
  • Diaper rash
  • Minor Cuts, Burns and abrasions
  • Blemishes + Shaving
  • Daily Moisturize + Remove Makeup

Trade Secret Formula:

  • Promotes rapid healing: Rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, D, and E, proteins, minerals and antioxidents.
  • Protects from environmental damage, anti-aging: Exceptionally high levels of alpha and gamma tocopherols (vitamin E), oleic and linoleic acid, and essential fatty acids.
  • Soothes dry, itchy skin: natural anti-inflammatory, nutritional 100% Functional ingredients – all are on the FDA deemed safe list.
  • Pure, Safe, Effective! Contains only organic, natural, plant-based oils  – no fillers, artificial anything or any toxic chemical preservatives.

skin solution® Try it – you’ll see!