foot solution™

say goodbye to thick yellow nails, toenail, and athletes foot fungus …

tired of trying to hide your feet?

We’ve been there.  That is why foot solution was created. For folks who have been dealing with thick yellow nails, dry itchy feet or toenail, foot fungus or athletes foot fungus. You can get these from walking barefoot in the gym or any number of places. We may be able to help you get back to more “normal” feet. But you’ve got to help yourself as well.

We developed foot solution foot soak as a natural, safe solution to help get rid of those nasty ugly foot problems.  Here’s the thing – no fungus or disease can grow in an alkaline environment. That is where we started in creating a safe, natural foot soak to help get you back to being able to go barefoot – in public!

stomp out foot fungus

foot solution helps raise the pH level which creates an alkaline environment that prevents the existence of fungus. The result is healthier nails and softer feet. foot solution has 23 naturally-occurring antifungal components to treat foot & toenail fungus and athlete’s foot.

ancient ingredients for modern feet

This soak contains the natural enemies of the root cause of fungus and athlete’s foot. A powerful combination of an ancient Indian healing plant, a Chinese medicinal herb and an approved organic ingredient fights fungus where it lives and grows.

You need to soak once a week, 30 – 45 min at a time until your nails grow out. That may take 9 – 12 months depending on how fast your nails grow. You will feel the difference after just one soak – your feet will thank you!

Thick, yellow or lifting nails and feet with troubled skin need foot solution. Do it! Add to your cart now and let your feet start their happy dance!.