How it Works

ibody science® skin solution™ is superior because of how the skin works.

By penetrating deep into the layers of your skin, skin solution allows an unhindered air flow, creating a breathable moisture barrier, to the top layer.

Because it is lightweight skin solution absorbs into your skin effectively and safely delivering fortifying antioxidants that support new cell growth. A perfect blend to fortify and soothe dry, sensitive and damaged skin.


Breathable Barrier: Provides a “breathable” moisture barrier.
Prevent infection: Suppresses bacterial growth, helping prevent infection.
Support new cell growth: Infuses the skin with healing phyto-nutrients that support new cell growth (cellular regeneration).

For Dry, Sensitive and Damaged Skin:
What You Leave Out of the Formula is as Important as What You Put In.

Our proven science utilizes innovative bio-technology and the right ingredients in the right amounts to bring you a superior product. It took years to formulate, and it is important to us because we want to only put healthy, natural ingredients on our skin and in our body. And once you know what goes into most formulas on the market you’re not going to want to put them in (on) your body.

These conventional formulations of other skin care products also use chemical preservatives that can actually cause allergic reactions and further irritate already inflamed, itchy, dry skin. Plus, parabens are controversial because recent studies have indicated they have appeared in some cancers.

skin solution’s trade secret formula is the only lab-tested, pure botanical oil blend containing 100% functional ingredients.  We only use 100% natural ingredients and absolutely leave out fillers, petroleum, parabens and toxic chemical preservatives.