Are Autoimmune Issues Causing Skin Problems?

Sometimes skin issues manifest from what’s going on inside your body. In those cases, you have to take care of what’s going on inside in order to make it go away for good. That might mean changing your diet, drinking more water, or addressing underlying health problems. Are autoimmune issues causing skin problems? Here’s what you need to know.

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Everything You Really Need For Healthy Skin

It’s not a huge surprise that many people have a stockpile of countless different skincare products – whether you have dry skin, acne, rosacea or another skin issue, chances are good that you can find a 3-step skincare program that promises to solve your issue and deliver beautiful, healthy skin.

The truth is – using a bunch of different products may actually do more harm than good. Here’s all you really need to have healthy skin.

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P.S. Did you miss the last post? Read about why we send our towelettes to the medical teams with COTN here.