About Us

can you bottle passion?

ibody science™ has learned, first-hand, the power of serendipity. From a chance encounter with a woman in need…to attracting a talented group of people committed to building the company…to partnering with amazing organizations like the Breast Cancer Awareness Association (BCAA) who have wholeheartedly embraced the skin solution™ product.

Today, ibody science™ is a thriving company constantly innovating new products that honor the body and promote natural healthy living. It has become a community that generously shares ideas, adventures and hopes built on an underlying commitment to stewarding the earth to the best of its ability.

Despite its grassroots beginnings, the company is quickly becoming a force of nature. “We are passionate about the work weʼre doing and the people weʼre helping,” says founder, Saga Stevin. “Giving the body what it needs, so it can do what it does best remains at the heart of our philosophy as we strive to be good at what we do, feel good about what we are creating, do good wherever and whenever we can.

be good…at what you do for yourself and the world around you.
feel good…about the products you use and companies you support.
do good…wherever and whenever you can.

ibody science™
be good. feel good. do good.