Got Razor Burn Bumps After Shaving? Get the Ultimate Shave Kit!

If you have sensitive skin, get razor burn bumps after you shave, or, worse yet – have to deal with acne when shaving – we have the solution.

Darin, like so many men with sensitive skin, had problems with razor burn bumps after shaving. He would use a pre-shave product, a shave cream and an after shave product – and still would have razor burn bumps after shaving.  We challenged him to give skin solution a try – as a single product experience!  Yep – that’s right – use it as the pre-shave, shave and post shave all in one. It took us weeks to get him to go for it. He’s happy he did. No more razor burn bumps after shaving!

 “As long as I can remember, I’ve had dry sensitive skin after shaving on my face. I always used a higher end lotion – then, my girlfriend introduced me to skin solution. My skin [feels] smoother, softer – and it isn’t dry anymore. I use it after I shave every morning.” -Tim S.

You’re obviously not happy with the products you currently use or you wouldn’t be looking here. Ready to give up your razor burn bumps after shaving? Then  step up to using the best product for the closest and smoothest shave you will ever get – in one easy step!

Dude – you’ve got better things to worry about than how to get a smooth shave. Let us take care of that for you. Add it to your cart and get started.

The kit includes the Schick Xtreme3 Sensitive Skin Razor and a shaving guide we put together for you.

  • Best Pre Shave + Shave + Aftershave Balm Oil All in One
  • Xtreme3 Sensitive Skin Razor
  • Bonus Book: Tips + Insights to Getting A Smooth Shave Without Getting Razor Burn or Breakouts After Shaving

Getting a smooth shave has never been easier – Buy the kit here!

1oz skin solution ultimate shave kit
1oz bottle
skin solution

1oz bottle skin solution
+ Schick Razor
+ Book