skin solution™ towelettes

skin solution™ towelettes  have the same great skin solution formula in a handy, on-the-go towelette.

  • Great for the briefcase
  • Perfect for the Purse
  • Keep some in the Glove Compartment of the car.

Kid Safe. Mom Tested

If you’re a Mom, dealing with the inevitable scrape, bump or rash, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief with towelettes that safely help your child’s skin renew itself.

  • In the Backpack
  • The Diaper Bag
  • The Sport Sack

 Travel Ready. Airline Friendly.

Eliminate those bulky bottles when traveling! skin solution towelettes are the perfect solution for your daily skin care regimen, to moisturize and refresh your skin when traveling, and excellent for after shaving.

Multipurpose. Multiuse.

  • A 3-in-1 makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer.
  • An emergency first aid wipe.
  • The perfect mid-day moisturizing pick me up.
  • The natural skin stress reliever.

So, throw them in your purse, keep them tucked away for your next trip, create a special little section in your makeup drawer and by all means, make sure your first aid and travel kits have a healthy supply of skin solution towelettes.  You’ll be amazed how well they work.

skin solution™ towelettes

14 individual towelettes per box
You can Buy in Bulk and SAVE!
100 Towelettes Only $57.95!