Proactive vs. Skin Solution

Proactiv is a popular acne treatment that has taken a lion share of its market. A large part of the reason is due to its plethora of celebrity endorsers. From Lindsay Lohan and Julianne Hough to P. Diddy showing off his “sexy”, Proactiv has proven to be a popular draw to young people suffering from acne. But what if Julianne, Lindsay, Diddy and the other famous fans of Proactiv really knew what was in benzoyl peroxide, its active ingredient?

benzoyl peroxide: an introduction…

Benzoyl peroxide is a product commonly used in many acne treatments. At first, the Food and Drug Administration proclaimed its use to be safe in topical products and antibiotics. However, later discoveries of possible effects to users caused the FDA to proclaim benzoyl peroxide to belong to a class of ingredients whose safety is unknown.

Proactiv is just one of many products that contain benzoyl peroxide.

free radicals: not so rad…

Another reason why you should think twice before ordering that first batch of Proactiv are free radicals. Free radicals have been linked to premature aging of the skin, the slowing of the skin’s healing properties and even cancer.

A government agency declared an active ingredient of Proactiv to have an unknown safety variable. The benzoyl peroxide might, just might, cause your skin to age, heal at a slower rate or even develop cancer. Yikes! Read on for a natural alternative.

presenting the natural way to fight acne…

skin solution™ was created as a natural alternative to all those acne treatments that dry out your face, create dead skin cells and a reigniting of the dreaded acne cycle.  Stop the cycle by purchasing a treatment that will not only stop acne dead in its tracks, but will restore the health of your skin.

Proactiv may have the celebrity endorsers, but skin solution eliminates your acne problem without leaving your skin worse off than before.  skin solution even promotes new cell growth, which leaves your face looking youthful and effervescent.

Be one of the first to discover what skin solution can do for your acne and skin.  Diddy may be bragging about his sexy in a Proactiv commercial, but you’ll be too busy glowing to care. Be good, do good and feel good by trying skin solution.™ Proceed to checkout and be on your way to looking better next week!

skin solution™

be good to your skin.