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People who live in harsh climates and those who work with their hands on a daily basis know first-hand the toll it takes. Health care providers, cosmetologists, construction workers consistently deal with difficult hand and nail issues like chronic dermatitis, cracked cuticles, rough and unsightly dry skin. When looking for dry skin remedies know thatskin solution™ naturally deals with these tenacious problems from the inside out. The results aretransformative.

what goes on the skin, goes in it

“Invisible skin” products with petroleum, lanolin or mineral oils trap unwanted organisms. For dry skin remedies, this is not the way to go. Furthermore, they don’t allow the skin to breathe and create its own natural moisture barrier. Consequently, chronic dermatitis is perpetuated and more damage is caused to the skin. After all, what goes on your skin goes deep inside, so be careful of which dry skin remedies you solutionpenetrates deep to give your hands and nails the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants they need to do what they do best–heal themselves.

health care professionals know all to well

540x304_DrmilkieWith excessive hand washing, not to mention those sexy latex gloves, many health care professionals end up with what’s affectionately known as “medical hands,” and are always looking for dry skin remedies. A number of providers, after hearing about skin solution, wondered if using itonce in the morning and once in the evening would really help. They took us up on our motto of “try it and see,” and guess what?skin solutiondramatically revived and repaired even the toughest cases. That turned them into passionate users of skin solution for themselves and their patients who are looking for the best dry skin remedies available.

“I have been using ibody science™skin solutionpersonally and on behalf of my patients since Dec 2008. I am very pleased to recommend the product to fellow health professionals for the renewal of at-risk skin. Personally, it has helped heal and prevent cracked cuticles on my hands. It has almost immediate pain relieving features and keeps the skin on my hands healthy. This is particularly helpful due to the frequent hand washing needed as a medical professional. My patients have benefited from healthier skin in areas of high abrasion or soiling (diaper rash). I believe the prevention of skin breakdown depends on healthy skin. Your product has promoted healthier skin for my patients.”

Dr. John Mielke

Medical Director, Minneapolis, MN

not all they’re cracked up to be

Sure hand gels are popular, but did you know they’re alcohol based and actually strip the skin of its natural oils and naturally-protective moisture barrier? Dry skin remedies are a must if you use these gels! skin solutionretains precious moisture to help the skin function at its very best. It helps protect the hands and nails from environmental damage as well as nourishes the skin with phyto-nutrients that support cellular regeneration, which is why it is one of the best dry skin remedies available. Withskin solution’snaturally-occurring antibacterial ingredients, infections are kept at solutionhas been rigorously lab tested to be antibacterial and results have shown it’s effectiveness in stopping the growth of MRSA

give your hands and nails what they need

skin solution’sproprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanical oils work hard to infuse your skin and hands with the nutrients they need to solutionpenetrates deeply into the layers of the skin allowing air flow unhindered to the top layer, facilitating healthy skin development.This remarkable productwasdeveloped to be a superior natural alternative to dry skin remedies currently available and to help your hands and nails to do what they do best–heal themselves.

Dry, cracked hands and cuticles are unsightly and uncomfortable. Transform them withskin solution. When looking for dry skin remedies know that when you use it on your hands and nails on a daily basis, you’ll find you have harder, healthier nails and softer, smoother hands. You might not be able to stop looking at them. Proceed to checkout and start seeing your results next week.

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