Best Treatments for Acne

How to Find the Best Treatments for Acne

Acne usually occurs when an upset in the balance of your hair follicles and oil glands (also called a pilobaceous unit) is taking place. Its physical manifestations include blackheads and whiteheads, pimples or scaly skin (seborrhea). Read below for a guide on finding the best acne treatments in the market.

where art thou: locating “the treatment”

Where does one go to find that magic treatment for their acne? Do you make yourself at home in the acne aisle of your local pharmacy? You can’t seem to make heads or tails of the ingredients on the labels. You’ve thought about Proactiv, but got creeped out by P. Diddy talking about his “sexy.”

There’s also the dermatologist you haven’t seen since you were fifteen. In your mind, that seems like a safe bet. Your dermatologist went to medical school. As far as you know, Diddy doesn’t have a medical degree. You know Lindsay Lohan is without medical credentials. What should you do? Doctor or celebrity?

what to avoid in your acne treatment…

I think we can all safely assume that celebrities aren’t the best sources for advice on acne treatment. However, your skin won’t necessarily get off scot free with a product prescribed by your dermatologist. This is because many treatments create dry patches on your skin, which in turn produces dead skin cells which blocks hair follicles and starts up another round of acne.

Another hazard of dermatologist prescribed treatments are its ingredients. For example, benzoyl peroxide, a popular additive in many acne products, can cause premature aging, slow your skin’s healing process and possibly create a hospitable environment in your body for some cancers.

a feel good solution…

skin solution™ is an acne treatment that eliminates surface bacteria from your face without leaving behind all those annoying dry patches. Not only does skin solution leave behind a breathable moisture barrier, the product has ingredients that promote new cell growth. Your skin will never be the same as a result.

skin solution was lab tested in order to ensure that the 100% natural product does everything it claims. People from all walks of life, from physicians to former cancer patients to everyday joes and josephines, swear by the product’s healing properties.

But don’t just follow the directives of the (rightly) enthusiastic) testimonials. Be good, feel good and do good.

skin solutionTM
be good to your skin