Supporting Children of the Nations

We are honored to supply Children of the Nations with skin solution towelettes. Children of the Nations supplies medical needs to the poorest places on earth. In many of these areas, burns occur daily because the people cook over open fires. skin solution towelettes help with this and other first aid needs.

“Saga Stevin, CEO and Founder of ibody science, has partnered with Children of the Nations to provide skin solutionTM burn ointment towelettes as part of our medical care in Sierra Leone and Uganda. These have quickly seen positive results where COTN has used them.” ­

What Leaders Are Saying

“A pastor at our church had a terrific skin disorder that would never respond to any treatment, including most injections done in Kampala [the capital city.] When we gave her the ointment, she testifies an unbelievable response of the rushes peeling off, though not completely healed yet! I saw her skin smoother than in the 10 years she has worn the ailment.”

“My son used the ointment on a skin boils and was quickly relieved. The ointment reacts best on fresh wounds.”

When you shop at, you directly support our efforts to provide these towelettes to Children of the Nations.

Thank you!

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