Sierra Leone Ebola Outbreak – Praying for Our Friends


With the recent outbreak of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone turning out to be the largest in history, we have been praying for our friends there with Children of the Nations.


Fortunately, we heard word that all is well with the COTN communities:


“Thankfully none of our communities or children of staff have Ebola, and the nearest cases are hours away by vehicle. God is protecting us. I am so thankful one of my containers was unloaded last week full of supplies for them to hunker down on the campus in Banta.”


Ebola is a highly contagious virus that causes fever, severe headache, muscle pain, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and unexplained bleeding or bruising. There is no cure, and unfortunately, little in the way of treatment. Ebola is incredibly deadly: over 900 deaths have been confirmed since May 2014.


We continue to keep Sierra Leone and our friends and staff with Children of the Nations in our prayers and ask that our friends do the same.


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