skin solution® – the natural-minded mama’s secret weapon.

We know how it is – there’s no end to the different products and gear the “experts” say you “need” to take care of your baby. You want the best – but how can you sift through all the hype and understand what’s really necessary – and what’s not.

While parenthood is anything but simple, we believe skin care is not that complicated. It’s all about nourishing healthy skin that does it’s job well.

Meet skin solution®

We know that what you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream. So many of the ingredients in todays skin care products have potential toxins that can wreak havoc on your immune system and crush all your healthy intentions. You already read the labels on the food you eat – it’s time to make sure your family’s personal care products are wholesome, too.

One product – a million ways to love your skin.

Did you know that many of the baby products on the market contain harsh, toxic ingredients? Preservatives, alcohols, petroleum based fragrances – because up to 60% of topically applied chemicals are absorbed directly into the bloodstream, you don’t want any of these harmful ingredients touching you or your baby’s skin!

skin solution® serves as the one product you can turn to in those hazy newborn months – and beyond.

No worrying about the safety of ingredients of a million different products.

No sifting through the hype to see which are safe and effective for all of your different needs.

Be passionate about your health and choose only products that are wholesome and healthy. We are. That’s why we created skin solution® – which has become enormously popular with women who have had breast cancer and fibromalagia and know the importance of truly non toxic products that work to keep the skin healthy – naturally.

One product does it all:

You and your little one deserve nothing less.

1oz skin solution