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While many shaving products on the market contain harsh, irritating ingredients, skin solution from ibody science® is completely pure, natural and nourishing for your dry sensitive skin after shaving. This multi-use product has even helped men with lifelong dry sensitive skin after shaving achieve a smoother, less irritated face and throat.

One customer reports, “As long as I can remember, I’ve had dry sensitive skin after shaving on my face. I always used a higher end lotion – then, my girlfriend introduced me to skin solution. My skin [feels] smoother, softer – and it isn’t dry anymore. I use it after I shave every morning.”

Find out how to get the best shave with skin solution!

What makes skin solution so effective?

skin solution works on a deep level by penetrating through to the deepest layers of the skin, nourishing and moisturizing with plant-based, healthy ingredients that don’t dry it out.

Omega fatty acids and proteins work to repair your skin and help it heal itself. The vitamins and minerals sustain healthy skin to keep it looking and feeling healthy and luminous. Botanical oils offer all the nutrients your skin needs to get and stay in great shape!

With all natural and nontoxic ingredients, skin solution is better for your dry sensitive skin, your body, and the environment!

Why make the problem worse with shaving products that contain harsh and drying ingredients? Don’t settle for chemical-laden products that don’t really moisturize your dry sensitive skin after shaving the way it needs to be. Heal and nourish your dry sensitive skin with skin solution and shave your way to a smoother, softer complexion – naturally!

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