Is Where You Live Harming Your Skin?

Is Where You Live Harming Your Skin? The Best – & Worst! – U.S. Cities for Skin Health


Sunlight, air pollution, second hand smoke – all of these environmental factors can negatively affect your skin’s health and appearance. The dangers of these elements have been known for some time. Dermatologists agree that avoiding or protecting your skin from these factors is essential for good skin health.


It turns out, however, that where you live has a significant impact on how easy that is! This infographic we came across lists some of the best – and worst! – cities for skin health.


Best Cities


Topping the list of the best cities for skin health are places like Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. The low sunlight, pollution and ozone levels makes these cities healthy and skin-friendly places to live. Ranking in second is San Francisco, California for having the lowest number of tanning beds per capita of all major cities.


It seems that there are a few factors common to cities promoting good skin health: less sunlight, low pollution, and a higher number of skin care professionals per capita.


Worst Cities


Similarly, the worst cities for skin health appearing on the list share a few unhealthy qualities. Las Vegas tops this portion of the list as the worst U.S. city for skin health – with sunshine and pollution galore as well as a high number of smokers. California seems to be the worst state for skin health as it is home to four of the worst cities!

Protect Your Skin


It’s a good idea to protect your skin from environmental damage – that is, damage from the sun, air pollution and other environmental elements – no matter what. It’s particularly important for those who live in the “worst cities” or other areas with higher levels of:


Environmental damage

Is pollution harming your skin?

  • sunlight

  • air pollution

  • high smoking population

  • wind

Protect your skin by using nontoxic skin care products fortified with antioxidants to reverse toxin exposure. Certain botanical oils butters such as coconut, olive and shea also form a barrier on the skin, protecting from environmental elements. Finally, favor natural products over those that contain harsh chemical ingredients. Natural ingredients not only protect your skin, but help your skin heal from existing damage.