Is Chlorine Safe? DON’T enter a chlorine pool until you read this!


Moms and children everywhere look forward to going swimming each summer. A cool dip on a warm summer day is fun, refreshing, and a great way to stay fit. But is chlorine safe? 

The chlorine used to purify the water and kill germs has adverse effects on your skin. Chlorine makes your skin itchy, dry, and irritated. In some cases, it forms nasty-looking rashes which can be very annoying and embarrassing. However, since most public swimming pools cannot function without using chlorine to kill bacteria, you need to learn how to reduce and overcome its harmful effects on your skin.

In this post, we’ll be discussing some methods of protecting your skin from the unpleasant effects of swimming in a chlorine pool, through natural non-toxic skin care.

* Take a Pre-Swim Shower. Taking a warm shower before going into the swimming pool helps to eliminate traces of sweat on your skin and this prevents chloramine from forming on your skin. Chloramine is a harmful substance that is formed when chlorine reacts with sweat.

* Cover Your Skin Before Swimming. Another way to minimize the harmful effects of swimming in a chlorine pool is to apply natural oils on your skin before you or your kids get into the pool. skin solution™ is an antioxidant-rich blend of botanical oils – perfect to block chlorine from gaining access to sensitive skin.

* Soothe with Nourishing Botanical Oils. Plant based oils like avocado oil (one of the many ingredients in skin solution) will provide instant relief for dry and itchy skin. They will also hasten the process of healing.

protect your skin from chlorine

Protect your skin from chlorine by following these steps. (Click to Pin!)

Always remember to take a shower immediately after swimming – even before you apply any of these natural, non-toxic skin care remedies. This will help you to remove traces of chlorine that would otherwise stick to your skin and continue to cause irritation and dryness.