What Beauty Companies DON’T Want You to Know: 5 Toxic Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

No one wants to sacrifice their health for beauty, but that’s exactly what happens if you don’t carefully examine the ingredients list of your favorite cosmetic or skin care products. You don’t have to give up your health to enjoy your beauty routine. Instead, simply learn which ingredients to avoid eliminate dangerous products from your repertoire and replace these items with nontoxic, natural alternatives.

You’ll also look (and feel!) better. Here are the five most common beauty product toxins.

Skin Care Ingredients to Avoid

ingredients to avoid

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Formaldehyde is linked to a host of health problems, including joint pain, cancer, allergies, depression, skin rashes, chest pain, exhaustion, headaches, and dizziness. Products containing urea and hydantoin release small quantities of formaldehyde. Over time, these small doses of the chemical can build up in the body, leading to serious health complications.
Parabens are among the most popular cosmetic preservatives, and are often listed as methyl, butyl, or propyl. Occasionally, parabens aren’t even listed on the label, so it’s important to look for products that specifically state they are paraben-free, particularly if the product contains water. Parabens can lead to skin irritation, and studies have linked them to breast cancer. They may also play a role in male infertility, and hormonal imbalances in both men and women.
According to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, “Phthalates are a class of several different chemicals that have various uses in consumer products: they soften vinyl plastics and are responsible for the smell of new vinyl shower curtains; some are used in food packaging; and others are common components of fragrances in air fresheners, perfumes, detergents, cleaning products and more. They’re used in cosmetics to hold color and scents, and have also been found in nail polish and treatments.”  Phthalates aren’t typically listed on product labels, so you’ll need to specifically seek out phthalate-free products.
These dangerous chemicals can lead to male breast development, birth defects, organ damage, and decreased sperm count.
FD&C Color and Pigments
Everyone wants their lipstick or eye shadow to have a lovely hue, but many coloring agents haven’t been proven safe. FD&C coloring agents are synthetic coloring agents derived from coal tar, and are implicated in skin irritation. Exposure to large quantities of these pigments can cause oxygen deprivation. Several animal studies have linked these ingredients to cancer and sudden death.
Petrochemicals are ingredients such as petrolatum derived from petroleum. These ingredients create a barrier on top of the skin that inhibits your skin’s ability to breathe. This can lead to skin rashes, irritation, and severely clogged pores. In more serious cases, though, such inhibition of your skin’s ability to breathe can interfere with your skin’s ability to eliminate toxins and gain access to oxygen, leading to serious health consequences.
Even if you’ve been using products with these ingredients for years and haven’t yet experienced any problems, it’s wise to reduce your exposure. The real concern with these types of toxins is that they tend to build up in the body over time. Consequently, a single use might not harm you, but a lifetime of use can. Even eliminating a few toxins from your lifestyle can make a big difference, and the best time to focus on your health is right now.
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