Healing Burns + Hearts with Children of the Nations


ibody science became connected with Children of the Nations nearly 3 years ago, when Saga realized a need that could be fulfilled by skin solution®. 

You see, while we are accustomed to instant-on stoves and microwaves, our friends in Sierra Leone, Malawi, and Uganda do all their cooking over open fires. Burns happen daily and infection can be a major issue.

They go to the poorest areas of the world and provide medical support. They are a faith based organization that has captured my heart.  We have received so many wonderful reports from their medical teams on the use of skin solution – helping with severe skin issues other than just burns. -Saga Stevin

skin solution has proven nontoxic antibacterial ingredients – even against MRSA. Other ingredients nourish + protect, leading to faster healing and less scarring. The towelettes we send are also ideal for transporting in harsh conditions. We have heard many stories of how skin solution has helped people in these countries.

My son used the ointment on a skin boils and was quickly relieved. The ointment reacts best on fresh wounds.

A pastor at our church had a terrific skin disorder that would never respond to any treatment, including most injections done in Kampala [the capital city.] When we gave her the ointment, she testifies an unbelievable response of the rushes peeling off, though not completely healed yet! I saw her skin smoother than in the 10 years she has worn the ailment.

We are honored to partner with Children of the Nations. “Raising children who transform nations,” their mission is profoundly impacting the world:

In order to raise healthy, well-rounded children we believe that the whole child must be cared for. Children of the Nations emphasizes holistic care, addressing physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth in all of our children. We seek to create an environment that meets the child’s basic needs, encourages their individual desires and passions, and promotes excellence in achievement. - COTN mission statement

What we want you to know is this: because of this partnership, when you buy anything from ibody science, YOU help Children of the Nations heal burns and hearts. Because we wouldn’t be here without you!

Thank you.