foot solution

foot solution™ all-natural soak for toenail, athlete’s foot and foot fungus.

Got ugly feet? Or thick yellow nails? Had itching dry feet for too long? Looking for a natural solution to help make those tootsies healthier and happier? foot solution is a trade secret formula containing naturally occurring microorganisms that are believed to absorb foot and nail fungus, combined with a pH raising complement, and ginger which is known to have 23 natural anti-fungal components.

  • Fights against toe nail and foot fungus, including athlete’s foot.
  • Helps with thick yellow nails.
  • Helps eliminate odors.
  • Rejuvenates softer, healthier nails.
  • For Hands or Feet. Great for acrylic nails.

foot solution natural foot soak creates an alkaline environment where fungus cannot live. As you soak the solution gets under the nail to fight athlete’s foot and other nail and foot fungus while creating healthy nails and softer skin. It is recommended to soak one half hour, once per week until the nail grows out. This may take 9 – 12 months – depending on how fast your nails grow. Plus, it is simply a really great, stress relieving soak!

Safe for diabetics. Our trade secret recipe contains zea mays, ginger and other approved organic ingredients. The one-month supply has 4 treatments to soak once per week.

4 treatments per month
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