4 Airplane Skin Care Tips for Fresh-Faced Travel


Nothing destroys a healthy complexion like air travel. Recirculated air in the airplane cabin, travel-related stress, and lack of sleep all take their toll. Follow these airplane skin care tips to arrive at your destination as fresh-faced as ever.

Tip #1: Stay Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is a must at all times, but you’ll need to increase your intake during travel – especially if you’re flying. air plane skin care tips

To see just how drying the airplane cabin is, try this experiment: at home, wet a scarf you can bring on board with you with a small amount of water – just a tablespoon or so. Take note of how long it takes for it to dry. Repeat the experiment on your flight with the same material – you’ll be shocked at how quickly the water is sapped into the air. Spoiler alert: the same thing is happening to your skin and body when you fly!

In the meantime, take our word for it and drink up! Start focusing on drinking plenty of water a couple days before your flight and maintain the habit throughout your trip.

Tip #2: Nourish + Protect Your Skin

Coat your skin in nourishing, super-hydrating protection: skin solutionⓇ penetrates to the deepest layer of your skin to replenish lost moisture and protects against environmental damage. It’s just plain convenient, too: our 1 oz. bottle and towelettes are airline ready.

Don’t reach for the moisturizing “mister” products in-flight. According to skincare expert, Renée Rouleau, they’ll do more harm than good:

“Because since the air is so dry, it looks for water wherever it can get it and since water attracts water, when you spray the skin it takes the water from the layers in the skin and gets evaporated into the dry air! The result is even tighter, drier skin.”

Don’t forget the lip balm! Slather it on early and often during your flight – be sure to choose one with no petrochemicals.

Tip #3: Hands Off

We don’t even like to think about the germs we pick up as we make our way through the airport. The takeaway? Keep your hands off your face if you didn’t just wash them.

Tip #4: Pass On The In-Flight Cocktail

Alcohol is incredibly dehydrating, so save the imbibing for land. Your skin (and your immune system!) will thank you.

If water is just too bland for you to bear during your flight, ask for sparkling water. You can also pack your own herbal tea bags.

Don’t make dry skin or breakouts part of your travel plans. You don’t have to look the part of the weary, run-down traveler if you follow these airplane skin care tips!